ACCA Global Pakistan Jobs, Head, Manager, Executive

ACCA Global Pakistan Jobs, Head, Manager, Executive

ACCA Global Pakistan Jobs, Head, Manager, Executive


ACCA (tSe Avtocaton of Cnarwtod Certrfiod Accountant body button* relevant. fr”Hcho<i quahf«*t>on* to pcop^pt apt* t men. abAty (owa’ carear m accountancy, franco jnd monagtianpfti.

t Manager ■« primarily rrtponuW* for recruitment activity** for ACCA Qujifkjliom m and around the* otiet. by conductpUnc+d outreach *ct>vir»ea tn high proMe inttitutat.

Tha manager « aho required to maintain ACCA’i giobal marfcotlng standard* and orwgre promotion of tha ACCA I»and. You would ba raqulrad to deWer global marketing ttretegfet. build reiationthspt wtth medlaltukehoidert and obtain market nteSigence

Success*.’ cancMatet thoOd h»»e excettent eUerperscmW tMW tha abiUy to bu4d ttrong reUoomKpt «<th key tiakt+viUrt and p*rme«\ You ihould ba a Ng^JytvX’fUwl p’oactivo and an «nthuva«»c mc*v<dual w«th exepoonal wn«ar> ard ool uwuvj’./i and pnrt«rw«tion iklh V«j i^ouU Ao to at^r to w/V mnrivn iup<Kv>Mri tS< rij-^ty lo n«t tlr^i dNtf^w Tha poa*on raqu«** carx^daiat to «how a good undmtandng turront aX»n and buvnatt ■imi at national and iiNtmationil laval. Strang    j and nafwcr
Finance and Administration E»acuttve – Karachi

Tha ffeanca and MtthMmion Ciaortiva wiV 6« roipon».t>W for recording and raportmg o/ a« fnanoaf tranM<t>ora at ACCA’> Karach. oMee. In addition to provediwg attantval admaWstraM* support to dapartmaats in a rant organrtatwon and any othar jd^tMitrrtiw /obv

TJifrno- Canddatn ihould d«r«mira>a c«£«*ant comrnuntfaoon dots and ihould be computer kurMc with practical e«(wnanc» 0> M<ro*oft olhca and OiackBooki Vex* ab^ty to <ygarv»e and plan tt- nga «»an e«oe*ont mennar and w«») mrwrx^n tupa>v«<n M*be d fA.»

To Apply: Heave forward a copy ol your CV and a covering latter, explaining why you think you might be wiled to thi» pott by 23rd September 2011. to DrOaccagSobalxowi.

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