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Financial Advisor Job, Islamabad SME Bank Limited Job

Financial Advisor Job, Islamabad SME Bank Limited Job

Financial Advisor Job, Islamabad SME Bank Limited Job
Financial Advisor Job, Islamabad SME Bank Limited Job


For Appointment of Financial Advisor

The SME Bank Limited (‘Bank’) was established as a Public Limited Company in October 2001 upon amalgamation of the Regional Development Finance Corporation (‘RDFC’) and Small Business Finance Corporation (‘SBFC’). Government of Pakistan (‘GoP’) holds 93.89% shares of the Bank and the remaining shares are held by six (06) commercial banks. The Bank has paid-up capital of Rs. 2.39 billion and is operating a network of 13 commercial branches. Government of Pakistan (‘GOP’), through the Privatisation Commission (‘PC’), intends to divest upto 100% of GoP equity stake in the Bank along with management control to a strategic investor (“Transaction”). PC invites Technical and Financial Proposals (the “Proposals”) from the Interested Parties (‘IPs’), comprising of Investment Banks and/or Investment Advisory Firms and/or Corporate Finance Firms to act as Financial Advisors (‘FA’) for the Transaction. The FA is expected to associate Accounting and Law Firms, and should possess and demonstrate its proven track record of successfully undertaking similar assignments and capabilities to successfully undertake this Transaction. The FA will be responsible for identifying and performing tasks/activities leading to successful completion of the Transaction.

IPs are requested to submit a written Expression of Interest (‘EOI’) showcasing their expertise to undertake the assignment besides demonstrating track record of successfully

managing and executing similar transactions. IPs are advised to submit EOls, as early as possible, along with a non-refundable processing fee of Pak Rupees 10,000/- in the form of a Bank draft / Pay order / Banker’s cheque in favour of the Privatisation Commission, Government of Pakistan, payable at Islamabad at the address mentioned in the advertisement. Request For Proposal (‘RFP’) package, including the evaluation criteria, terms of reference and instructions for the technical and financial proposals, will be provided only to those IPs that submit an EOI with the requisite processing fee.

This advertisement is not intended to be, and should not be construed as: (a) an offer or invitation to acquire any securities or assets of the entity; and (b) any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to any statement made herein. The Privatisation Commission reserves the right not to respond to any request for preliminary or other information. Documentation accompanying and comprising an EOI, as provided by any IP, shall not be reclaimable or returnable.

The last date for the submission of Technical & Financial proposals is

Friday, December 18,2015 by 2:00 PM

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