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IIU Job, Islamic University Jobs Islamabad, Faculty, Additional Director

IIU Job, Islamic University Jobs Islamabad, Faculty, Additional Director
IIU Job, Islamic University Jobs Islamabad, Faculty, Additional Director

£(([)))| International Islamic University, Islamabad

website: www.iiu.edu.pk


Applications are invited from qualified persons for the following posts:-

<i) 11-yearspost-Ph Deiptnence OR

7 years posl-PnO plus 12 years o(experience 3 years before Ph D=one year post PhOnff* relevant field) in a recognized university or a post-gradmte nsatubon c professionaloxpcnenccrotevani War aNaura!or international Organization; (a) 15 research pubtcatons (with at least 5 puOLcatuns n (he past 5 years) in internationally abstracted Journals recognized tor the purpose of appointment on Tenure Track by the HEC

^Jurisprudence) (Male & Female) IRI. CMdrer Literature (Male) Dawah Academy

Ph 0. rbiamc Ujw or equivalent degree from an HEC recognized UniversityAnsutubon w<h 15- years teaching) research experience in an HEC recognized Uncversity or a post-gnduale inswuxn or professional experience in the relevant f«W In a Nabonal or International Organization Must have 15 publications (with at least 5 publications in last 5 years) in HEC recognized Journals.


PhD in lslamc La* or equrraient with 1 D-years post-PhO. teaching,’ research experience In a recognized University or a post-graduate InsMubon or professors experience n the relevant CeM m a
QUAL^ATION FQR TtCfjaD.Of MASS.CQ¥MUNICATK>N v,«AQfiE O^JJStfiWCEHiiCSQaiY PhD. in relevant held from an HEC recognized


.Mayer’s degree (foitngn) or M&MPN equvalent degrees ‘ warded after 18 years of education as determined by (ho HEC in the relevant fcW from snd HEC recognized UnhwityrtnsMutexv Four years teaching research experience m a recognized mwersty or a post-gradua-on InsWubon or Profess^nai experience in the rtfevant fieJd in a National or WemaConai Organization


(i) Ph.O from a recognuedaccredited institution in Ihe relevant 6eW, PhO thesis most have been evaluated by fwo feregn experts

(») Excefient wntten communication skiis as wet as excefient presentation skiBs

Note: Proficiency m Arabic & English Language will be preferred


(t) Ph 0 from a rocogmzed/acaedited msMu&on m the relevant Wd PhO thesis must have been evaluated by two foreign experts

(•) Excellent Mitten commumcabon siufs as wet as exceicnt presentaSonsfeHs


Wame Studes (Male 4 Female) tRl; Economics (Male) Qualification for the field of IsHntteSUrtltt

M SW Pt»i w«h speoataabon r\ Corrparatne Refcgwn or laarnc ThougNs from an HEC recogrced UntanfcyAnstiluMn wtth only one 3rd divUion m the en&ro academic career «the retevant teW (tfsdpftne).

Note Proficiency in Arabic & English Language writ be preferred

Qyato^ teheJwW ofEownicj M S’M Phil in the relevant field from HEC recognized Ur-ftnersity/lnsMuticn with only ore 3rd dwision in He entire academe career >n fce relevant field (dtsdpfcw).
Professor (BPS-21)
Islamic Studies (Hadrth & Sunnah) (Mai* & Female) iRf.
rn u,- in nr icn

PtiO.JromanHECreco^iv^lr^tu&onin^eretevart^vvilh [ urf^iWlntttutKyi 15-years teaching’research in HEC recogrxzfd^’^^ or a | ^ post-graduate iny.tuboo or professed e«ptf|p$^efeievaot 6eW in a National or International X^Wi^fen 15 research publications (with at least 5 publications in the las’. 5 yen),  HEC recognized journals. OR

PhD degree m field wKJi 10-: research Kattmai or In-.ernaOonal Must have 15 research publications (with at least 5 puWicabons the last 5 yeers). in HEC recognized Journals.

(i) PtlOirom a recognized and reputable Institution in !T>e
posf-PhO’leachng/ or a post-in inerrievart field