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Lahore GC University Jobs, Accounts Officer, Controller Exams

Lahore GC University Jobs, Accounts Officer, Controller Exams, Treasurer
Lahore GC University Jobs, Accounts Officer, Controller Exams, Treasurer

GC University Lahore

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Registrar (BS-20)

teaming/administrative experience) OR

MBASMA/MSc with nOeast 15 years teacfvng experience or administrative expenence

Controller of Examination (BS-20) Qualification ind Experience

PhD with 10yem teaching/administrative exponence OR

MBAVA/M Sc preferably M.Sc In Computer Science/ SUtisbcs/ Mathematics with aoeast 15 years teaching/ adnwwttatrve expenence m pubic and private sector


Salary Package botween 80.000/- to 120.000/- monthly (negotiable) according to

Qualification and Experience with 05 years experience OR ACMAwith 07 yoars experience OR CA inter with 12 years expenence in the relevant field

Deputy Controller of Examination (BS-18) Qualification and Experience

MA/MSc at least 2nd division with 8 years teaching administrative expertence,

SUff Officer (BS-18) Qualification and Experience

MA/MBA with 2nd division or equ/valont. with 3 years expenonce of worttng In Government/ Semi-Govomment organisation

AssisUnt Treasurer (BS-17) Qualification and Experience

MBAFlnence or MS Banking & Finance OR

BCom with 10 years expenence alter BCom in Government/ Private Organisation_
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13    Project Monitoring Officer (BS-17) Qualification and Experience  MA/MSc Economics/ MBA/ M.Com  Proferonce will be given to tho candidates having 2 years expenonce in project monitoring project planning    25-35
14    AssisUnt Director P4D (BS-17) Qualification and Experience  BBA (Hons)/ Bachetor of Economics (Hons) / Bachelor of Architecture Engineering Preference will be given to the candidates having 2 years expenence in PC-I preparation. Pro)ect Planning and Project preparation    21-35
15    AssisUnt Director QEC (BS-17) Qualification and Experience  Master Degroo from a recognized urwversity, preference wiH be given to degree holders of QMS (Quality Management System). No Exportence required    21-35
16    Imam (BS-17)  Qualification and Experience WWWaIWOfjobs.com e SanadDaras-l-NazamiorSanadofFazrf-l-Arabiand e Free from sectarian basis and of sound character. Preference win be grven to those who are Hafiz-e-Quran and have proficiency in Qirai.    21-30
17    Librarian (BS-17) Qualification and Experience  Mater’s Degree in Library and Information Science 2nd Division. No Expenence required    21-35
18    AssisUnt Engineer (BS-17) Qualification and Experience  BSc (Civil Engg) from a recognized Unlvorsity or diploma (Civil Tech) from a recognizod institution with 10 years expenence In the relevant fieid    21-35
19    Supervisor Mlnhas Art Gallery (BS-17) Qualification and Experience  MFA with 2nd division from a recognized University or institute with 2 years expenence in the relevant field    21-35
AssisUnt Curator Zoology (BS-17) Qualification and Experience

Applications are invrted from Pakistani Nationals tor the following temporary likely to be regular positions