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Mechanical Supervisor Job in 120 MW co-generation Power Project, Electrical Supervisor

Mechanical Supervisor Job in 120 MW co-generation Power Project, Electrical Supervisor

A loading organization is in tho process of sotting up, first of its Kind in Pakistan and largost in tho world in this configuration, a 120 MW co-gcnoration power project based on fuel mix of biomass and coal. All positions listed below
would be based in Muzaffargarh.
Position THIe    Degree    Number of Positions    Experience Required    Koy Responsibilities
Electrical Supervisor    DAE/B.Toch’B.Toch Honors inEiectncal    1    10-15 years/5 years in supervisory role    Hands on oxperienco to lead a team of technoans. Wei versed with Schematic drawings. Logic and SLDs. Etoctncal safety. Hands on expononco of eiectncal protections and otoctncal equipment, to carry root cause anafysis of plant equipment faftxe/breakdown Knowledge of sparo management.
Goooral ShrtV Shift Duty Tochnoian    DAE Etoctrical    4    8-10 years Power Plant oxpohonco vyouW bo preferrod    TrooWcshootng. carry out field maintcnanco activses. Wea versed vwth tho fioJd equipments. Wei versed w0\ Electrical safety. oioctrtcal protections. Abtty to perform Routine Maintenance and to wnte shift report in Efectron»c way and maintain log sheets.
1 * C Supervisor    DAE/8.Toch or 8.Toch Honors (preferred) in Instrumentation. Electrical or Electronics    1    10-15 years expenooco in Heavy Industry: F<yt*zer. O* & Gas and Poaot Plant Experience of coal frod power plants would bo preferred    Hands on exponenco to lead a team of technoans Carry out field maintenance activities. Wes versed with Schematic drawings. Logic and PilDs. Hands on oxpenenco of DCSs. PLCs and telecommunication and to anatyzo plant eqopmons. faAxes rates, establish root cause and take moasuros to avoid rocurronco.
IAC General/ Shift Outy Technician    OAE or B.Toch in Instrumental. Electrical or Electronics    4    8-10 years oxpernenco m Heavy industry. Foftfazer. Oi 4 Gas. and Power Plant Expohonoo of Coal Fired Pwvor Plants would bo preferred    Provide troubleshooting on plant l£C equipmont and provide maintenance support to operations Assist Engineers/Supervisor to carry out fold maintenance activities Wo« versod wth Schomatx: drawings. Logic and P&>Ds. Exponenco on DCSs. PLCs and telecommunications would bo an added advantage Expononco to analyzo plant oquipmont. faflure rates, ostab&sh root causo and take measures to avoid rocurrenoo
Mechanical Supervisor    DAE/8. Toch Mc<har»cal    1    10-15 yoars/S years oxpohonco of supervising Rotating Equipmont Tixtxnos. Pumps. Ar Compressors. Fans    Planning tho maintcnanoo activities. resource roquiromonts, tools and consumables Troubleshooting of tho plant oqmpment tor e g Stoam Turtxnes. Centrifugal Pumps. A* Compressors. Fans etc. Budget ng of maintenance activities. Doveiopment of procKtve and preventive maintenance programs Identification of cnccal and capital sparo parts
GooeralShft Techrnoan (Machinery)    DAE Mechanical    4    8-10 years/5 years hands on oxpehcnco on Rotating Machines: Turbines. Pumps. Air Compressors. Fans    Execution of the maintenance activates. Planning of tools and consumables. Troubleshooting of the plant eqi*pment e g Steam Turbines. Centrifugal Pumps. Fans. Ax Compressors etc Devetopment of predictive and preventive maintenance programs Understanding of CMMS. kfcn&cation of cnocaJ and capital sparo parts
Stationary Supervisor    DAE/8. Toch Mocharcal    1    10- IS ycars/Syears oxponoocoof supervising DdW. Pip«ng. Welding and Fabrication    Planning tho maintenance activities. resource requirements, tools and consumables. Troubleshooting of tho plant equipment e.g. 8oaers. Piping. Valves. Pressure Vessels otc. Adherence to safety standards Understanding of pem*t to work system Understanding of CMMS. Identification of critical and capital sparo parts.
GonoralShft Technician (Staaonery)    DAE Mechanical    2    8- 10 yoars/5 years hands on expononco on 8ofeis. Piping. Wattng a*J Fotxiuciliun    Execuaon of the maintenance actvioes. Planning of toots and consumables Troubleshooting of the plant equipment e.g. 8oders. Piping. Valves. Pressure Vessels etc. Understanding of CMMS. kfentfication of cntical and capital sparo parts.
ContrdRoom Supervisor    DAE/8.Toch Electncal/ Mochancal    8    10-15 years of expononco in a Power Plant on Control Board    Rospons>Wo tor sofo & effocnt operation o< powc* p&nt consisting of <s oqu^imcr* and auxAanos Hands on wthUn* start, shutdown, trans-ont tnppmg. data analyses and avaiabtty of the plant Operations, troubtoshootog and emergency provontivo maintenance. Morvtor Panel & fio-Jd faaKy operations and portorm necessary troubleshooting Ensure dotaied tog completion and transfer information to other operator and management Actrvefy participates in acodentVnodeot reporting and tho emergency response program Check oqupment and mdcators to detect evidence of operating problems
Field Operator    DAE Efecthcal’Mecharnical    16    8-10 years of experience in a Power Plan?    Safe start up and shut dovsn Foflow tho instructions of Control Room Operator and Shrft Manage Record and maintain Field chock sheets and tog sheets. 8oa©r startup and operatons of the ooal and baggaso handing system Supervise and ensuro efficient handing of baggase and coal.

Please share your resumes at ccpp.recruitment@gmail.com and kindly mention the position title in the subject line when applying. Only online applications will be accepted. Last date to apply is August 22nd, 2015.

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