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Pakistan Giz NGO Jobs, Consultants

Pakistan Giz NGO Jobs, Consultants
Pakistan Giz NGO Jobs, Consultants

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GIZ is a federally owned organisation- It supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in international cooperation for sustainable development. The Programme “Promotion of Governance in Pakistan” aims to lay and strengthen the foundations tor just, fair and equitable governance at the nauonal and sub-national levels in Pakistan. It is to be implemented over a period of 10 years (September 2010 – December 2020) and composes of three governance areas: Administrative Reform – local service delivery Tax Reform – broadening tax base . and Gender Reform • prevention of violence against women • For these three areas the programme will conduct a Political Economy and Conflict Analysis and is therefore inviting experts to apply for one the three mentioned subject matters:


1.    Minimum of a respective fcburse peciafczation and at least 10 years working experience in study relevant areas. Demonstrated experience in social and economic research

2.    Demonstrated knowledge in political economy (approach and tools) or political, institutional analysis

3.    Demonstrated experience in policy advice or poftcy analyse m one of the three subject matters appreciated

4.    Demonstrated knowledge of policy making m fragrie’conftet/post conflict countries

5.    Demonstrated analytical skills

Core Tasks of National Consultants are briefly described betow:

•    Literature review on sector issues and review of programme documentation

•    Conduct parts of the study including interviews with selected resource persons to validate and underpin assumptions and tentative assessments

•    Assessment and analysis of information obtained tn the different dimensions

1. Input to mapping and analysis of stakeholders. 2. Mapping and analysts of institutions {rules of the game}, and 3. Analysis of structural and process elements that will support or constrain intervention areas, and implementation of the programme

•    Cooperation with international lead consultant for proposal on methodological approach and interview partners and contnbution to the formulation of recommendations

•    Preparation of workshop, and verification of findings in workshop in close coordination with international lead consultant