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Sargodha University Jobs, Assistant Professor, Lectuer 25 Dec

Sargodha University Jobs, Assistant Professor, Lectuer 25 Dec
Sargodha University Jobs, Assistant Professor, Lectuer 25 Dec

University of Sargodha, Sargodha SITUATIONS VACANT

Appfccatons for the tolow.ng Permanent Posts are invited Irom Pakistan Nationals on the preserved lorm wbch can be down loaded Irom University Mbste:


Prolessor (BS-21): Goography-01. Computer Scenoo-01. Econcmcs 02. Agronomy 01. HortcJture-01. SoJ 4 Environment* Sconces-01. Plant Pathology 01. Ptant Brood ng & Gcnoocs-Oi. Appiod MathemaScs-01. Phy$ics02 (ore in Ccndonsod Matter Theory). Urdu-02. International Relations 4 Po»tcal Soence-Oi. L«wM)i. Educaton-01, Socul Work -01. SoooOgy-Ol. Statutes-01. Pharmacy (Pharmacogrozy)Ol. Arabc-01. Ccmm»rce-Oi. Business Studes 01

Associate Professor (BS-20): Geo’ogy 01. Geography 01. Computer Soence-Oi. Educatcn (speoafrzation m Assessment and Evaljabon and Educational Administration 4 Management 02. One in e*ch>. Sociology’Oi. Communication Stjdos-01. Economics 02. Plant Patholog/Oi. Sol 4 Env-‘cnmonui Soenoes-01. Horticulturo-01. Anmal Soence-01. AgncUiu-e Efltomofogy-01, App’ied Mathemaecs-Ol. Pore Malhematics-Ol. Ut»ary & InformationScience-01, Physcs-01. Physcs (Expenmental Plasma PhysicsHJI. Intematonal Relators & Pottica) Soence-02. Botan-y-01. Psychotogy-01. Fine Arts-01. History 4 PA SaxJes-Oi. Law-01. Physical Educason-Oi, Sooai WorkOl. Staastics-01, Pharmacy-03 (Pharmaceixcai Chemisuy-01. PharmacognozyOi 4 Pharmacoiogy-Oi), Arabc-01. blame StudosOI. Pers>anOl. Commerce-Ot. Business Stuhes02

Assistant Professor (BS-19): Food Soence-01. Geotogy-04, Geography-01. Law-01. Sobology-01. Communcabcn Studes-02. Agrooomy-01. Agnciiture ExtensonOl. Agncuiiure Entomdcgy-Oi. Forestry-Oi, HorticultureOl. Plant Breeding 4 Genexs-Oi. Plant PathotogyOl. Mathematics-01. Library 4 Inlormaton Soeoce-01. International Retisons 4 Ptfibcal Soence-01. Psycho’ogy-03. Botany-01. Zoology-02. Staastics-02, Arabc-01. Pers<an-01. Commerce-01, Business Studos-03 (HRM-01. Finance-Oi 4 Marketng-Oi). Pharmacy-03 (Pharmaceuttal Chemstry-oi. Pharmacognozy-Oi 4 Pharmacoiogy-Oi). Chemstry-01

Lecturer (BS-18): Food Soence-03. Geology m the fold oi PaOontdogyOI. Geotogy-01. A’abc-01. Persian-01. law-05. Fine Arts (Textfe Engineenng 4 CalhgraphyK>2. Forestry-Oi. Ho<ticullure-01. Plant Breeding 4 Geoetios-01. Plant Par.hology-01. Soil 4 Environmental Soences-Oi. Encomdogy-Oi (Leave Vacancy) Physical Educabon<lemale)-02. Math«mabcs-Q3 Leave Vacaroes. Physos-03. Warnc Studos-02. 8otany -03. Zootogy-02. Enghsh-02. Literature Lingixsbcs’Appiied Lingusbcs). Commerce-01. Psychdogy-01. History 4 Pa'< Slud«s-03. Edixa!on02. Econcmcs-04. Business StuJes-06 (HRM-02. Fmance-02 4 Marketng 02j. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chen*stry)01


Chi el Ltorarian (BS 19) 01. Deputy Chef Libanan iBS 18> 01. IT Manager (BS-i8)-01. Assistant Registrar Assistant CorrtroUer of Examinations/ Assistant Treasurer IBS-17V3 (one in each). Computer Programmer (BS-171-01. Network Administrator (BS-17 >01_



Academc: Ph.D. Iron HEC recogrxzed Institution m the relevant tield.

Expener*»: IS-Years seachingresearch expenence in HEC recognized Unvers«y or a post-graduale Institution <y prolessonal experience in the relevant in a National or Internationa) Orgamzaion.


10-Years post-PhO teaching research experence in a recogn zed University or a postgraduate Instauton or prolessonal eipenerne m the relevant field in a NaSonaJ or International Organization

Publcatons: 1S research publications (with at least S publications in last 5 years) in Journals recognzed by the HEC._

Associate Prolessoc:

Academic: Ph.D in tho roktvant l«id Irom HEC recognized Orrerjity. Institution

E>penence: 10-Years seachmg research experience in HEC recognized Ikiversty or a post-graduate Institution v prolessonal experience m the relevant faeU a National or imemation* Organiza^on.


5-Years post-Ph.D teaching research e»pertenoe in HEC recogrved University or a post-graduate hsKuton or prolessonal expeneoce In the reievani field in a National or International Orgaozatcn.

Pubhca’.ons: 10 research puflioa’.ons i with at least CU pub cations in last 5 ^ars) m Journals recoyized by the HEC_

Assistant Prolessor:

Academc: Ph.D. m the relevant told from HEC recognized Unr.«rsrty lnsMut>cn Experience: No oxpenonco roqurod


Master’s degree (foreign) oc M Phi (Pakistan) or equvalent degree awarded after 18 years of Education as determined by the HEC in the relevant field Irom HEC recognized Unrversity’lnstiMion.

Expenence: 4 years leachng’research e«perience in a recognizod unwersty or a post graduate Instituton or professional experience m the relevant held in

a N’afronal or Irtematonal Qrgarizabcn._


Academc: Master’s degree <Frst Oass) or eQjrrafent degree awarded after 16 years ol education, m the relevant field (vwth no 3rd Division the Academc Career) Irom HEC recognized Unversty. Insttuton. However, the candKiate hods a bgher degree (M Phl Ph D) or equivalent degree but with only one 3rd drrtson in the enere academic career._


Associate Professor:

Minimum OuaMcaton: PhO in the relevant field from HEC recogrtzed Urivers*y I Institution.

Expenense: 10-Years teachng / research experience an HEC recognized University or a post-graduate Insttuton or prolessonal expenence in the relevant held o a National or Intemaoonal Orgamzaton.


5-Years post-Ph.D leaching I research expenence in HEC recognized Unrversty or a postgraduate lnsotu:on or prolessionai e«penenoe m the relevant field in a Natonal or International Orgarrza»cn

Minmum Number ol PuCAcatons 4 Atfwvemercs: Outstandng and substaroal level oi prolessonal art actr.iT/ (Demonstrated by partopaton in 6 exhOatons at national or international level wth two or more than two row works in each e>hboon cr evidence of equal number ol visual communication campaigns designed and published or equivalent work any other (todptne ol Arts and Design as speeded in the research critena)

Minimum Guatfcation: Masters Degree (Foreign) or M.Phl OR Eqiavalent degree awarded alter 18-years of educaton the relevant told Irom an HEC recognized Urwersily’ Instituton.

12 years leaching / research expenence (with at least 4-years eipenence after the Masters (Foreign) or equvalent degree m HEC recognized University or a postgraduate InstiiuCcn or prolessonal experience n the relevant told in a National or International Organization Minimum Number ol PuMcabons 4 Achevemerts: OutstaixJng ar«d substanval level ol prolessonal art actwty (Demonstrated by partopaton in 8 exhtr.«ns at national or international level with two or more than two new works in each exhbn.on or evidence ol equal number of visual communication

campaigns designed and published or equivalent work any other {fecipiine ol Arts and Design as speeded in the research criteria)_


Minimum OuaMoaion First Prolessonal degree (4 years rmmmum. First Divtson) with no third tfvison m the academc career iron HEC recognized University’ msKuton. However, the canddate holds a h-gher degree (M Pbl Ph 0) or equivalent degree but wth orty one 3rd dvscn m the entire academic career.



Mirxmum OuaMcatcos: Ph D degree m relevant teld. recognized by HEC.

Expenence: 12-years teach ng: research eipenence In a recognzed institution’ooiege urwersity or 12-years professional expenence in the relevant held in a national or ^lernanonK organization out tf wbch 5-ycars must be teaching e»pcrienoe


10-years post-Ph.D leaching / research experience in an HEC recognized University or a post-graduate instituton or professional experience in the relevant beU m a National or Hematoma Orgamzaion.

Mmmum Mumber o< Pubhcatons: 15 research put-catons i wth at least 5 puMoatons o HEC. PEC recc-yized Journals._

Associate Prolessor:

Minmum OualVaticns: Ph 0 degree in relevant teld. Irom institution recognized by HEC in consultation with PEC.

Expener^e: 07 years leachrvg / research experience in a recognized institution’ coltege / Urtversey or 07-years prolessonal expenence m the ntovant field in a national or Internalonal organzabon out ol which 2-years must be teaching expenence

Mmmum Number oI Publcatons: 10 research publoatons (with at least 4 puWoatons n HEC / PEC recognized Journals.


Chief Librarian: (Age: Less than 50)

MLScMLlS « 17 years (yctessicnai expenence m Library ol repute or PHO m Libary Soence » 10 yea’s protessona eipenenoe o bb-ary of repe’e Deputy Chief Librarian: (Age: Less than 50)

Requirements: Master Degree m Library SoercelOraiy and Inlormabcn Soence (1st Dv) with 10 years service as L<xarian riBS-17._

IT Manager: (Age: Less than 40)

Qualification: MSc.(IT). BSCS (4-Year). BSIT(4-Year) or equivalent Experience: 10 years experience m relevant few

Preferences: Project management. apf*caton design and deve*cpment. data and system analysis, and IT operations IT procurement, purchase planning suppher research and selecton, value analyse. (6) financog. supply contract administration, inventory control and stores, and dsposais and other related

functions. PMP tra rung. Database aid V<feo Kinte’eoorq_

Assistant Registrar Assistant Controller of Examinations Assistant Treasurer [Age: 21-30)

Gradualo ol rocoqnizod University, pro^orence shal be given lo h^h academic attainments comb nod with olfico experionce._

Computer Programmer: (Age: 21-30)

Masler m Compuier Soence or equvaJent from recognized University.
Network Administrator: (Age: 21-30)

BOS (at least C-Grade) Or equivalent wch 03 years eipenence in Net working Quaii*cax>n CCNA win be preferred


•    Candidates lor the posts of Professor and Assooate Professor are requred to submt five copies of applications along wrth complete C V. attested copies of lesbmoriais and research vwrVpubcawns

•    Candidates tor other posts are reqwred to submit one copy ol appJcaton along with complete C.V. attested cop»es of testmooals.

•    Candidaies applying for more than one post shall submit separate appications with necessary documents, complete in all respects

•    Application must be accompanied with pay order/demand draft (non refundable) of Rs 1000- in case of Prolessor. Assooate Professor 4 Chief LOranan, Rs SOO – in case ol others drawn in favour ol the Treasurer. University of Sargodha

•    Two most recent passpen size photographs should be affixed on each app’oaton

•    Candidates already >n service ol a Govemmert Semi Government Department or an Autonomous Body must app’y through proper channel by the due date: otherwise the* apptcabons shal not be entertaned.

•    Applications received afier the last date not bo orsertainod. even though posted betae tho last date

•    Incomplete applications shall also not be entertained.
•    Last date: For Professor 4 Associaw Prolessor 1S16.02.2012. For an othors posts it 18.01.2012.

•    The University reserves the nght rot to conwJer any appicabcn or f II any post without gvwg any reason.

•    Njmbor of posts can bo incroasod / decreased accordng to tho need ol University. REGISTRAR. UNIVERSITY Of SARGOOHA. Ph 048-9230802

University websrto www posc-duc iPt-i48?8