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Shift Duty Managers Job in SAPT South Asia Pakistan Terminals, Vessel Planners, Tally Clerks

Shift Duty Managers Job in SAPT South Asia Pakistan Terminals, Vessel Planners, Tally Clerks
Shift Duty Managers Job in SAPT South Asia Pakistan Terminals, Vessel Planners, Tally Clerks

sr. South Asia rr Pakistan Terminals
South Asia Pakistan Terminals (SAPT) is one of the largest deep sea container terminals in the region of South Asia & Middle East, situated at the estuary of the Keamari Groyne basin providing the most convenient access to ultra large container ships entering Karachi. South Asia Pakistan Terminals is a subsidiary of HPH (Hutchison Port Holdings Umitcd) group which is the world’s leading port investor, developer and operator with Network of port operations comprising 319 berths in 52 ports, spanning 26 countries.

14. Reefer Technicians / Assistants
5. Customer Service* Supervisors
9. Yard Supervisors
education: / BxhHoo

Experience: & 10 years of supervaory/managemert eiperence in port/shppng/ transport industry, preference wfl be t*en to those ot hffrtr qualifications Out** & Responublitiei:

•    Responvbteferov«ra«performarKeofthesh^andensure*termir^ are met

•    [ n^m that 6j( to Cov wtNci artj ccrrp!^ opc JCr^ wort proce&rei and standards

•    Rwwb t^cMiXro w) pfMrtMi md fiuto ftcw ■nenUxra for rrprwement

2. Vessel Planners

education: MWtf / Bachelors

Lxpctx-nce: 2 I f?jr. d rapevrer r. -Z^i^c ptamrr cr crrtfrd io^y ptrne* D.ties £ R*spomibfttiev

•    RfWfsbf for fiirorj md    of all rixwxJ 4 outbound ccrtJ«fi from the vessH

•    Control and rrcotor vessel rented actvoes

•    Vess« board** duties

3. Yard Planners

(duc«tion: Mjitrr / BxMoo

Experience: 2J years of work experience in yard planning rote & Rrvpc-vWrtxn

•    ResponsAto for pUnnng and alocaoon of alcoreainer stock in the yard

•    Cort’ol & monitor yard rented actMtiei

4. Equipment Dispatchers

Education: Master / Bachelors

Experience: 2 I yean d work evcrence n simlar rde r topsooAemirutcpcrabons Duties ft Respcnsiblitiei:

•    R«ponvbtf tor asvenment ar«j deptoymerrt of terrr»r\al

•    Corf.rci & rrorvtor ifl tcrrr.rjl r^p-cn! jnd actvcy
Education: Matter / Bachelors

experience: S7 years of si^perwory experience in areas of customer service in the port/ihppnjA’jraport r*fcretry Oubes & RatperaMMn:

•    the Customer Serrfcelgnctionwthin the CusxnvSer^

•    Krvwi and evaluates the responsneness and feedback of customers and recommends to Management on appropriate actions to be taken to address customers’ concerns

6. Customer Services Offkcr*

education: Bachelors

C«perWnc»: 1-2 yean of worionjexperence in port/jh*PP<r< & Transport ind.»»try Oubes & Responstbfctiev

•    /cts as the focal port iyprocessrigardcor&cArgal customer opcrabcrulmxstrs

•    f o’Icmtv the agreed Sendee level Agreements (StA)

•    Provides reports on customer matters n a timely manner to operator^ and commercial management

7. Shift Superintendents

education: Master / 8acMors

Experience: W years of wort experience in managng scaWe workforce Oubes & Responsible*.

•    Aiwit SM: Duty MorMgrr r\ monrtonrg & drectxg termrul jra/xl operatxrs

•    AnpomWe for enajfg safe ardtffocrtjhptoadngardmiragrmtrtcfalifrrnrul related actvtes

8. Wharf Supervisors

education: Bachelors / Optoma

ejqperience: J-S years of wort eigenence in smlar roie n to(jstKvVrrninaioperaior» Oubes&ResponsiMbes:

• ft-vxrfiJtM lor ramr^ tt* r^om ^nd ccrxix! erf    >ni vi^’^ ‘rir.rxj


education: Bachelors / Oipiona

experience: JSywcfwrttxwvcf rimly rofcf in b|Btc^t”T*\Jop(rjWni Duties t RcsponsibJWes:

* ftepombie for marupng the dTiocntand sale conduct erf alyard rctatrdactMtes

10. Tally Clerks

Education: Dptoma or above

Experience: 2 3 years’ wort npoWw in vrrOar fdc in coroixr umw/ cwrj(«r. Duties & RmpomMMk

•    «espons^V for the safe, efficient and accurate offloading/loading of cunutorr» from mwl

•    Workdove^ywth Quay Crane Operator and Vessel Ptanner

11. Yard Coordinators / Checkers

Education: Optoma or above

Experience: I 2 years erf «crt npcittr n yrAy role o legv; cVV^itj1 opejtem Duties* KesponsibAbes:

•    ResponnbieforsaJe and efT«cient operations in des<r^»ted yard sector

•    MarshaOr^ d terminal e^apment and traff< r> the yard

12. Gate Clerics

Edixabon: PreferaWy Bxhekxs / 0»ploma

Experience: 1-2 years of work expencrYemrecordnedXes

Duties AftesponvbAbes:

• Enuxeprcperverif<ationofdocumentationandupdatincofsyst*mforgates the terminal pees

13. Scanner / Wefehmcnt Operators

Education: Prefer aWy Bachc<ors / 0»p<oma Experience: 1-2 tears in simAar rote Duties A KespomiWWes:

•    Perform X ray sowing and/or we^hment operations for container inventory

•    Resofce exceptions rtscannnf and/or we<|hment processes

•    Record ard update afl transactom mto system
education Oiploma Experience. years r smlar rde

Oubes & ftesponsttiitiev

•    Responst<e for monftonnf and ensunnf continuous funcbonrg of reefer m«vr<oryinyard

•    Perform reefer troufeshoot. rtpar & recovery

IS. Equipment Operators (QC / RTG / Reach Stacker / MT Handlers)

Education: Htermediate / Preterab*/Bachekxs

Experience:    Apprmce n vnlvfciencontanerlniiMuf operatxns

•    IxperienceinTrainer/SupenAsor/Mernorrotesanad^antacc

•    Canddates crosvcraned in mJtc*t cqJpment preferred

•    Excellent remuneration package will be offered to the selected candidates. PSease apply in full confidence with mariced position title In subject line at jobs£>sapLcom.pk

•    Application without position title in the subject line will not be considered. You may also mall your appfceation to our following mailing address: South Asia Pakistan Terminals, No.l Container Port Road, Keamari South, Karachi – 75620

•    The irtformaiion provsded wil be dealt tn strict confidence and used only for consideration of application for the posted positions.

•    Last Date of Appfccation: 10th September 2015