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Sindh Culture Dept Govt Jobs, Consultant 23 December 2011

Sindh Culture Dept Govt Jobs, Consultant 23 December 2011
Sindh Culture Dept Govt Jobs, Consultant 23 December 2011


The Culture Department, Government of Sindh, invites bids for hiring Consultant on the prescribed Tender Forms (or “Hiring of a Consultant” under ADP – Scheme No. 1407. ‘Feasibility Study for Construction of Monuments at Different Places In Sindh” from the

1.    The intending participants can purchase the set of tender documents (containing Terms of Reference and other details) from the office of Director PDMI&E Cell, Culture Department, Btock-76, Sindh Secretanat. opposite M.P.A. Hostel, Karachi, against payment of tender fee Rs. 2000/- (non-refundable) for each tender in shape of Pay Order in the name of Director Planning, Development. Monitonng, Implementation & Evaluation Cell, Culture Department. Government of Sindh, from the date of publication of tender upto 09th January, 2012.

2.    Tenders shall be received back on 10th January 2012 upto 12:00 noon and opened on the same date at 01:00 p.m. in the presence of Committee, constituted by the competent authority and participating bidder(s) or their authored representatives, if they wish to attend.

3.    Eligibility conditions are as per Sindh PPRA Rules-2010. for tender participants which are as under:-

a)    Proven experience of accomplishing such high quality works and certificate of satisfactory completion of such works, at least names and details of 03 different, such accomplished works, by the bidder, must be submitted.

b)    The Tender Committee may desire to visit the site of works already accomplished by the bidder.

c)    Registration with Income Tax Department (NTN) Certificate.

d)    Registration with Sales Tax Department (GST) Certificate.

e)    Undertaking on stamp paper that the firm is not involved in any litigation or has not abandoned any work in any department. 0 Provide company’s / firm’s bank statement.

4.    The bidders should submit earnest money @ 2% of the bid amount in the shape of Call Deposit / Pay Order / Demand Draft prepared from the scheduled bank in favour of Director, PDMI & E Cell. Culture Department. Government of Sindh. Karachi.

5.    It is categorically mentioned that conditional bids / tenders will not be accepted.

6 As per Sindh PPRA (2010) Rule 46(2), bidders are required to submit “Technical” & “Financial” proposals separately in dearty marked envelopes mentioning. “Technical Proposal” and “Financial Proposal” in bold and legible letters to avoid confusion. Initially only the envelope marked “Technical Proposal” shall be opened “Financial Proposal” of only those bidders will be considered / opened, whose “Technical Proposal” is qualified / accepted by the Tender Committee.

7.    The Financial Proposal will be opened on the same date, after finalizing the names of bidders whose Technical Proposal is qualified / accepted by the Tender Committee.

8.    Affidavit to the effect that all documents / particulars / information furnished is true and correct is also required. 9 The committee reserves the right to accept or reject any bid / tender without assigning any reason.

10.    The successful bidder shall enter into an agreement (on Stamp Paper) with the Culture Department that the work will be completed in accordance with the Sindh PPRA (2010) No. 18.

11.    SPPRA Rules will be strictly observed.

12.    This tender notice is also available at SPPRA website.